Photograph Gallery - 1980’s


Playing in front of the bandstand during its reconstruction.  1980.

Carol playing in Slaidburn.  1983.

Carols in Newton.  1983.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archives)

The Band playing in Bruges.  1985.

The Band playing at the Menin Gate, Ypres, for the daily Service of Remembrance.  1985.

Carols at Slaidburn War Memorial.  1985.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archives)

The Band leading a procession in Slaidburn.  1986.

Clitheroe Hospital Fete.  1986.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archives)

Langcliffe Village Carnival.  1986.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archives)

The Band with their President, 

Mr John King-Wilkinson.  1986.

The Band in Ribchester.  1987.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archives)

Sponsored playing in Newton for the ‘Blow by Blow’.  1988.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archives)

The Band playing in the Market Place, Clitheroe, for the Heritage Fair.  1988.

Five new basses.  1988.

The Band with the Mayor and Mayoress.  1988.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archives)

Setting off on the sponsored march from Slaidburn and then over Waddington Fell.  1988.

Sponsored march over Waddington Fell.  1988.

(Courtesy of Slaidburn Archives)

A formal photograph in ‘green’ uniforms.  1988.

The Band’s conductor is presented to the Queen.  1989.

Playing for the Queen.  1989.

Playing in Germany.  1989.

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